Bluetooth 4.1 2in1 Transmitter Receiver Digital Optical 3.5mm Wireless Audio Adapter for TV @JH

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Ebyte Sx1278

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Sneak peek of the up coming saint seiya/Knights of the zodiac reboot by Netflix

ok just kidding but i keep seeing all of these drawing making fun of the latest Thundercats reboot, you can feel how ever you want about Thundercats roar i just don’t care either way i just like all of the parodies and shitposts;

Also yes! i’m always late to the party because i draw like a snail.


“…He looked in the water
And what did he see?
The Lion of course!
For the Lion was He.”,
KSHMR - ‘The Lion Across the Field: The Lion’ (Interlude).

Leo Regulus in all his Pride and Glory straight out of the workshop.

Casted in bronze, nickel and Gold.

Made entirely by our artist Esteban Finn Skogh.




In the wake of a space-wide civil war, instigated by Saga - the Gemini Gold Saint - a new team of Saints comes together with the goal of protecting their goddess Athena. This first all-women team of armored warriors, powered by the Zodiac, will use all their cunning, strength, and compassion to defend their worlds and oppose their very destinies.

Available at Lobo Comics & Toys this coming Wednesday, 05/23/2018

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